Physics Nobel….via Geetanjali

Every year the Science club at IISER-Pune organizes “Nobel evening – an event that has been a part of IISER since its inception and has thus become tradition”. This is essentially a gathering of IISER community where public lectures are delivered on the latest Nobel prizes.

On 22nd Oct 2018, we had this year’s Nobel evening, and in there I gave a talk on 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics. It was indeed an honour to talk about the work which has created such a deep impact on both science and technology.

While I was preparing for the talk over the weekend (talk was on a monday), I took a break and casually looked into my collection of books. I happened to skim through Tagore’s Geetanjali. As I went through the beautiful verses of this epic poem, what immediately struck me was its 44th verse. I could see an interesting analogy between the 44th verse, and the 2018 Nobel prize in physics. So I decide to use this analogy in closing of my talk. The whole talk had 25 slide. Below I show the 3 slides from my talk : the first one being the opening slide and last two are my closing slides that contain the analogy I mentioned about….


first slide

Geetalast slide

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