Two talks in Tokyo

Wonderful Japanese-Gothic architecture at The University of Tokyo

I gave two talks in Tokyo.

First was on 24th April at Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Advanced Engineering, Tokyo University of Science. My host was Prof. Yutaka Sumino. I spoke about “Soft Matter in Opto-Thermal Gradients“. I gave a short introduction to opto-thermal perturbations and potentials, and discussed some of our work on opto-thermophoretic trapping and Brownian dynamics. The audience contained a few master students too, and I really enjoyed discussing some concepts related to Brownian motion in an optothermal trap, and related experiments. Also, I had a very interesting discussion with Sumino and his students on their experiments on Janus particles.

with Yutaka
with Yutaka”s group

The second talk was on 25th April at Department of Physics, University of Tokyo. My host was Prof. Kazumasa Takeuchi. I spoke about “Soft Matter in Opto-Thermal Gradients : Evolutionary Dynamics and Pattern Formation“.

This talk was also announced on Japan’s statphys mailing list, and also live-casted over zoom. I discussed about the origins of optothermal effects in a laser trap, and how it can lead to some interesting dynamics and pattern formation in soft-matter system. Specifically, I highlighted the concept of Hot Brownian motion, and how it can be influenced using thermo-plasmons. The talk and discussion went on for almost 2 hours, and I really loved it. Also, Takeuchi and his students gave an overview of their work including a live demonstration on turbulence in liquid crystals, and it was fantastic.

with Takeuchi
with Takeuchi’s group

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