Raman and Science Day

Raman was an extraordinary scientist, great communicator of science, and a very interesting human being with strong opinions and independent thought…. his scientific journey is an ‘audacity of hope’. His human endeavour.. from Bowbazar to Bengaluru..is what makes Raman what he is…and what he will be remembered for..

Raman’s work was deeply influenced by many great classical thinkers, and Euclid was one of them. To quote Raman

“Not until many years later did I appreciate the central position of geometry to all natural knowledge. I can give a thousand examples. Every mineral found in Nature, every crystal made by man, every leaf, flower or fruit that we see growing, every living thing from the smallest to the largest that walks on earth, flies in the air or swims in the waters or lives deep down on the ocean floor, speaks aloud of the fundamental role of geometry in Nature. The pages of Euclid are like the opening bars in the Grand Opera of Nature’s great drama. They lift the veil and show to our vision a glimpse of the vast world of natural knowledge awaiting study.”

To know more, you may want to attend the announced talks..

Happy Science Day !

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