54. End-sem email to my class

Below is an email I sent to my introductory-optics class of 77 students (third-year undergraduates) on the final day of my course, which was today. Although the course was completely online, I did enjoy interacting and discussing with them on various topics on optics and photonics.


Dear All,

Today is the final day of the optics course – PH3134, and I hope all of you have gained some knowledge from the online interaction we had over the past months. 

Optics is one of the most fascinating areas of science, and historically one of the oldest topics in physics. Yet, it continues to throw new surprises in contemporary research. I hope some of you will pursue research in optics and related areas. Even otherwise, do remember that optics plays a vital role in understanding and implementing various aspects of science and technology. Its relevance has remained high for centuries, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. 

I know many of you are at home, and conditions are not ideal for studies. So, thank you for keeping up your interests even during these tough times. I highly appreciate it.

An important take away for me as a teacher/researcher (from every course I teach) is that what we have discussed and studied is just a metaphoric drop in a mighty ocean of knowledge. That means there is a lot to learn for all of us. Do keep learning beyond the coursework. There is no limit for that.

Light up the world !

best wishes,


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