41. New paper

A small thing to cheer during these gloomy times…

A new collaborative paper in Optics Express on modal and wavelength conversions in plasmonic nanowires

Work done by Adrian, Deepak K Sharma et al,
as part of Ifcpar Cefipra grant

We show that plasmonic nanowire-nanoparticle systems can perform nonlinear wavelength and modal conversions and potentially serve as building blocks for signal multiplexing and novel trafficking modalities. When a surface plasmon excited by a pulsed laser beam propagates in a nanowire, it generates a localized broadband nonlinear continuum at the nanowire surface as well as at active locations defined by sites where nanoparticles are absorbed (enhancement sites). The local response may couple to new sets of propagating modes enabling a complex routing of optical signals through modal and spectral conversions. Different aspects influencing the optical signal conversions are presented, including the parameters defining the local formation of the continuum and the subsequent modal routing in the nanowire.

Link to the paper: https://doi.org/10.1364/OE.421183

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