39. Paper on nanophotonics of 2D material

We have a paper appearing in Advanced Photonics Research, in collaboration with the group of my colleague Atikur Rahman.

One of my PhD students, Shailendra Kumar Chaubey, is passionate about nanophotonics of 2D materials and its interface with plasmonic nano-elements. In collaboration with Atikur Rahman’s group, Shailendra, Gokul, Diptabrata Paul and Sunny Tiwari have experimentally shown directional photoluminescence from WS2 monolayer sandwiched between a plasmonic nanowire and a gold film.

Such directional emission is a vital step in photonic signal processing on a chip, and can serve as a solution-processed, soft platform to study optical emission in nonlinear and quantum optical regimes.

Personally, I am intrigued by the prospect of using optical trapping and assembly on such 2D materials to influence emission characteristics. Work is under progress in this direction…more on this later..

Link to the the arxiv version of the article is below


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